Upashna's fab results

"I cannot recommend this face mask enough!"

For the past few months I’ve been following a skincare brand on Instagram by the name of Fablab as I’d been interested in their bestselling face mask which is the Fabmud Mega Purifying Glacial Clay Mask. This mask contains “Polynesian botanicals” that are found locally in New Zealand and throughout the Pacific including a rare glacial clay that’s sourced right here in New Zealand!

The mask claims to make the skin feel more smoother, brighter, hydrated and luminous as well as reducing inflammation which can be caused by acne. These are some incredible benefits which could possibly make this the ultimate all-in-one face mask!

I was lucky enough to receive this face mask and be able to try it out for myself to see if it could help revive my dull, dehydrated, acne prone skin. I have oily/combination skin where the oily areas are acne prone and the other areas are dehydrated and quite sensitive which can make finding the right skincare products quite difficult. As my skin has very specific needs, I normally would have to buy multiple products to be able to meet its needs. Whenever I’d use a clay mask, I’d also have to follow up with a hydrating sheet mask to replenish any lost moisture and hydration. 

I’d been using this face mask for the past two weeks but I could see results well after my initial use. Before my skin had some areas of texture and darkness under my eyes and around my nose as a result of it being dehydrated. I also had some pimples around my nose and chin area which was also quite oily. My skin was quite dull looking, and I had dark spots in various areas of my face as I also have hyperpigmentation.

My initial thoughts right after putting it on for the first time was that it felt so good on my face! The mask has this cooling effect which really soothes the skin and makes it more comfortable as it dries down. Surprisingly the mask wasn’t very thick in consistency as most clay masks are so only a little bit of product is needed which means that you probably won’t have to purchase another tub for a few months. The dry down time is fast too! It only takes 10-15 mins for the mask to dry down on my skin. 

After washing off the mask the results I saw were amazing! My skin looked so much clearer and brighter in the areas where I had dark spots. Even some of the darkness under my eyes had reduced significantly. Some of the acne I had on my chin and around my nose had reduced in size as well as the shine from the oily areas of my skin. I still had some texture under my eyes but overall it was much better than before I’d put on the face mask. The surprising part about this face mask though was that my skin felt hydrated and soft despite being a clay mask which can often dry out the skin as it draws out the impurities from within the pores.

Overall, I’m so happy with the results! My dull, dehydrated, acne prone skin is so much brighter, smoother and hydrated! I continue to use this face mask 1-2 times a week whenever I feel like my skin needs a quick pick-me-up or sometimes as a spot treatment for acne. I cannot recommend this face mask enough!