Monica's fab results

"I recommend it for those of you who suffer
from moderate acne like myself"

I’m a 22 year old female who has suffered from moderate acne since puberty. I have tried every herbal supplement under the sun, I have attended multiple dermatologist appointments, I have taken multiple courses of antibiotics and I have also completed two courses of Accutane, with no long term success. I can’t remember the last time my skin was blemish free!
I entered this Fabmud mask trial with absolutely no expectations. 

Tuesday 11 January my Fabmud package arrived in the mail. I eagerly cut open the box to reveal the Fabmud mask, and a cute little silicon spatula nestled in tissue paper. After washing my face with a gentle cleanser, I opened up the Fabmud mask.
The Fabmud container is small, but the mask itself is of quite a runny consistency so a little goes a long way when applying to the face. The scent of it is quite strong but not unpleasant. Upon application I instantly felt a tingle sensation as the Fabmud mask touched my skin. 

I left the mask on for the recommended 10 minutes then gently removed it with a soft microfibre glove and warm water. Post removal, my skin felt super soft, but there was no noticeable difference in the blackheads on my nose and pore size around my nose.

Fast forward to Tuesday 21 Jan, Day 7 of my Fabmud mask. I have noticed a slight reduction in blackheads around my nose. Since the second mask application I have been leaving the mask on for at least 1 hour. As a result my acne also looks a lot less angry and the mask doesn’t dry out my skin at all! Massive bonus! Using the mask as a spot treatment overnight on my cystic spots has proven to be quite effective as reducing the size of the spots.

Today is Friday 24 Jan, the 10th and final day of my trial. I have decided that I will continue using the Fabmud mask until it completely runs out because I do believe 10 days isn’t enough time to see the full effects of the mask. I’ve rated the Fabmud mask for those of you who are reading this, based on the results I saw over the last 10 days:

Blackhead/pore size reduction: 6/10
Reduction in redness: 8/10
Reduction in pimple size: 8/10
Quality of product: 10/10

In summary, yes I would buy this mask, and I recommend it for those of you who suffer from moderate acne like myself.