Its luxurious porcelain packaging is recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Unlike other clay masks, our Fabmud has a very silky consistency and doesn’t dry too hard on your skin, that means no more uncomfortable skin pulling feeling! Another benefit is that one full brush scoop should be enough to cover your whole face so our Fabmud will last you a long time.

It is packed to brims with incredible Polynesian botanicals not used commonly around the world, you will not see any other mask with similar combination of extracts.

Fabmud contains incredibly fine pumice particles that allow you to exfoliate whilst removing the mask. No need for exfoliation before masking. When you put the mask on, its active ingredients will pull out all that nasty stuff from your skin and soften your epidermis, which will allow for more effective exfoliation by massaging the pumice on your skin for few minutes before you rinse it off.

Despite its power, it is safe for all skin types.

Everything inside is free from any harmful nasties. Every ingredient has been carefully selected with a particular benefit in mind and the whole formulation countlessly tested (on us) until we reached this perfect combination.

You can use Fabmud as a spot treatment, simply dub a small amount onto breakouts with a tip of your finger or using the shorter side of the brush. Leave it on overnight and rinse off in the morning.

Fabmud is a multitasker. Its powerful formulation allows for up to 7 benefits. You can notice a difference in your skin appearance within the 1st application.

Fabmud is fun and good looking! Its lovely minty colour and icy touch to the skin will make your masking session a fun experience removing the routine from your skin care process.

It saves you time and money as it does your exfoliation, cleanse, moisturises and soothes your skin all in one go.

From New Zealand bush to your bathroom

We believe nature holds the remedy for most skin problems. Clay masks are currently the world's most powerful skiin detoxing products, that's why we chose to use the most detoxifying ingredient: New Zealand Glacial Clay, sourced by maintaining hight environmental and sustainability standards.